Monj Health improves clinical outcomes and closes care gaps with deeply consumer-centric programs.

Our programs address the underline causes of unhappiness and lifestyle imbalance, such as anxiety, stress, depression, and social isolation.

Our digital curriculum empowers participants on a journey of joyful self discovery while building life long skills.




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MonjWell is a clinically validated, digital program that addresses the underlying effects of obesity and metabolic syndrome.

  • Guided by expert health coaches to increase outcomes

  • Designed for medical reimbursement per CMS and commercial payer guidelines across clinical, payer and employer channels

  • Grounded in science with published outcomes in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and The Lancet

  • Easily integrates into clinical and employee workflow

  • Our digital curriculum in the mobile app allows patients to engage whenever and wherever they are



MonjWell addresses the major causes of chronic illness and imbalance. 


Participants lose an average of 24lbs


80% keep the weight off 2 years later


Reverses the effects of metabolic syndrome


*Above statistics refer to a prior program (Itrim) which is now known as MonjWell.

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Monj Nutrition PROGRAM

Our employee wellness, full population solution


Monj Nutrition Outcomes

Participants report the following benefits from the program:


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How to Change Nutritional Behavior

What people eat is one of the most important components of their long-term health and well-being. However, getting people to “eat healthier” isn’t nearly as simple as it may sound. Here at Monj, we think it’s time for a paradigm shift regarding how to think about guiding large populations of people towards a lifetime of healthy eating. This whitepaper reviews five research-backed insights to help activate and empower nutritional behavior change.

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